Services & 1-Day Services


Within our service area we offer ONE DAY SERVICE:

Denture/Partial  relines and repairs, Laser Weld for metal frameworks,

Flexible repairs, Tooth additions (1-3teeth)  for dentures and metal frameworks.

Due to our high volume of one-day request, we are asking our offices to have their one-days ready for pick up by 9:30. This will assist in  providing us with adequate time to process and deliver your cases promptly. Return time between 4-5pm.

For any questions or concerns please contact our office at 734-595-7000.

Our service areas are 25-30 mile radius.


Service Delivery
Framework (metal only) 5 days
Bite Blocks 2 days
Repairs 1-3 days
Cast Clasp 3 days
Frameworks with attachments call for time
Laser Weld Only 1 day


Service Delivery
Bite Blocks 2 days
Custom Trays 2 days
Set-up 4 days
Finish 4 days
Set-up & Finish 5 days
Night Guards 5 days
Reset 2 days
Strip & Reset 2 days
Flippers 1-5 days
Reline / Repairs 1-2 days


Service Delivery
Bite Blocks 2 days
Set-up 4 days
Finish 5-7 days
DuraCetal ™fwk 4 days
DuraCetal™ Clasp 2-4 days

Crown & Bridge

Service Delivery
Porcelain to Metal 7-10 days
Full Metal / Gold 5-7 days
Metal Try-ins 5 days
Add Porcelain 2-3 days
Cosmetic 7-10 days


Drivers are available locally to cover a 30-mile radius of our facility.


Pick-up and delivery with PROMED handles cases outside of our personal delivery area. PROMED delivery covers all of Lower Michigan.


We also utilize UPS for cases shipped outside of the above delivery areas. We include UPS ground fees on cases both ways.
Please allow an additional 1-2 days to our regular delivery schedule.