partialsPartial Denture (plus teeth)

Includes framework, set-up & finish
  • Framework only
  • Additional units can be added

Professional Dental Studio offers for your convenience:

  • Wironium®: Europeans have made Wironium the alloy of choice for decades. Wironium, a unique alloy, contains no nickel or beryllium, and characterized by particularly high ductile yield, greater elongation limit and superior strength. Your patients will enjoy the benefits of increased retention, enhanced esthetics, and improved design when you select Wironium precision removable appliances.
  • Vitallium Alloy®: The first premium CoCr Alloy, setting the industry standard for over 75 years. Why prescribe Vitallium? For smaller, lighter partial frameworks, high surface luster, nickel and beryllium free, resists permanent deformation.
  • Nobilstar Alloy™: Nobilstar is a highly adjustable alloy, yet very strong to withstand masticatory forces. It maintains a high luster to make care and cleaning easy.

Other Services

  • EsthetiClasp®: Minimal clasp display, superior retention, gentle on abutment teeth, and has proven strength and fit with maximum esthetics and function.
  • Precision and Semi-Precision Attachments
  • Set Attachment
  • Laserweld
  • Clasps with Embedded Bar
  • Milled Crown
  • Design on Upper or Lower Partial Only

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