Occlusal, Snore Guards & Bite Splints

Professional Dental Studio offers a wide variety of mouth and snore guards.


Hard Night Guards

Made with clear hard Impak® material. This night guard is used for heavy bruxism.

Soft Night Guard

Proform™ – Vacuum Form

Comfy Splint

Made with a soft Impak® material. Soft Impak® is used for moderate to heavy bruxism.

Comfy Splint Plus

Made of soft Impak® material with  hard high Impak occlusal surface. Used for moderate to heavy bruxism.


Made with clear, strong composite material. It is self adjusting and optically clear. Used for moderate to heavy bruxism.


Made with clear, strong thermo plastic material. Monomer free appliance and optically clear. Used for moderate to heavy bruxism.

Pro Combat Guard©

Starts with a multi-layer 3mm thick Proform™ athletic mouthguard, overlaid with 4mm clear Proform™ mouthguard material, giving you a total thickness of 7mm for combat sports.

Proform™ Mouth Guard

Used as an athletic guard. Available in a wide variety of colors.

EMA® Snore Guard by Myerson

FDA approved for mild to moderate sleep apnea. Completely free of metal and the EMA® elastic straps are latex free. Elastic straps can be easily changed; eliminates unnecessary visits to the EMA® provider for adjustments.

TAP® 3 ELITE    ask us about Medicare coverage

The Thorton Adjustible Positioner ( TAP)® is a simple, patient-friendly treatment solution for snoring and sleep apena. The TAP® advances the mandible and works based on the principle of CPR. While allowing the patient to adjust while in the mouth with a key, the patient can find their treatment position  on comfort and system relief before returning for a follow-up sleep study. Sleep technicans use the key to fine tune the appliance during a sleep study. No other device allows for this.

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