Flexible Solutions


iFlex ®Partial

iFlex is made with polyolefin material that is highly stain resistant. We can fabricate any flexible clasp to your choice of metal framework. This material is lightweight and comfortable, break resistant, durable, noninvasive with virtually no water absorption.

TCS® Flexible Partial

An unbreakable nylon based material that is lightweight. The restoration will adjust and flex with the contour of the mouth as you chew, talk and smile. There is no preparation necessary with the natural tooth undercut which is completely metal free. The TCS Flexible Partial is monomer free, stronger and more stain resistant than comparable brands.

DuraCetal™ Frames & Clasps

An acetal resin that is available in A-D shades and Gum Shades. Duracetal frames and clasps feature full frame design or metal combination. Clasps fit better with a “Snap Fit” feature and fits into deeper undercuts, giving better retention. This material is natural looking and blends in with your smile and natural teeth.


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