All dentures are packed with heat cured Frickie Hi-Impact ®acrylic. Heraeus Kulzer teeth are designed using CAD/CAM technology in their manufacturing, along with all lines being injection/compression molded, for a stronger and more durable tooth.

Traditional Denture

Multi-layered structure, offers dentists and their patients teeth with an appearance guaranteed to match natural dentition under all ambient or artificial lighting conditions. Artic® Traditional Dentures are available in 16 shades, A1 – D4. Bleaching shades also available. Optional characterized waxing and finish on Traditional Denture.

Premium Elite Denture

The design of the premium range of teeth is based entirely on how natural teeth function. All masticatory excursions were simulated in a virtual articulator. The result is a significantly longer lifespan and significantly happier patients. Improved color effect, optimal layering and anatomically improved shapes help you create a more natural looking smile. CAD/CAM design and a longer life span thanks to NanoPearl technology. The broad approximal surfaces create a harmonious, three-dimensional appearance in all positions. New layering standards created with three-dimensional multilayering. Premium Elite Dentures are available in 16 shades, A1 – D4, bleaching shades also available. On all set ups we offer customized arrangements and premium Hi-Impak natural life like acrylic. On premium dentures we include characterized waxing and finishing and gingival characterization.

In addition to our premium line of dentures we also offer:

  • Temporary Dentures
  • Immediate Dentures
  • Over Dentures
  • OnCore Ultra Suction™ Denture: Trapped air is removed through a one way valve device for a better tissue fit.
  • Pro-Hybrid Dentures
    • Minimal patient adjustment
    • Engage previously unusable undercuts
    • Traditional hard acrylic for denture teeth matrix, IMPAK-PF for soft, flexible flanges.

Our removable department also fabricates:

  • Flippers (1-2 teeth)
  • Immediate Partial (3-6 teeth)
  • All Acrylic Partials (7 or more teeth)
  • Surgical Stents
  • Implant Stents
  • Soft Gaskets
  • Soft Liner
  • Custom Trays
  • Bleaching Trays
  • ProScan Implant Stents for fabrication of radiopaque scano-guides
  • TCS® Suction Cup Liner
    • Long-term soft relining material
    • Soft Silicone base for extra comfort
    • Gently grips the patients tissue providing retention and stability

Essix Pontic

Quick and Economical Temporary Bridges
  • Wear resistant, vacuum processed
  • Special lingual channel ensures pontic locks into the Essix plastic

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