About Professional Dental Studio

Laura Lee

General Manager, Crown & Bridge

Laura’s dental technology experience extends over 35 years. She graduated from Ferris State College in 1977, earning an associates degree in dental technology. Immediately after graduation she began working at a dental laboratory with her father, Charles Watson. Currently she’s general manager and oversees the crown and bridge department, specializing in finished porcelain and custom shading.

David Starin


David was certified in 1983 and has been part of the dental laboratory field for over 34 years. Within those years he has specialized in removables and was certified in Swissadent. David is experienced with over dentures, hybrid dentures, various attachments and combination cases. David’s experience also extends to flexible solutions, which includes TCS, Flexite, Duracetal and Vitacrilic® Soft Dental Appliances. Utilizing his specialties, David enjoys working with Dentist to find the best treatment plans for the patients.

Wendy Hornfeld

Accounts Payable / Receivable

Wendy attended Ferris State College, where she received a certificate in business. In 1997 she started her 15 years of experience with Professional Dental Studio. Throughout the years she has excelled in multiple tasks that has benefited Professional Dental Studio. Currently, Wendy manages account receivables, account payables, shipping and receiving, along with human resources. She is also experienced in customer service and case management. Wendy is a great asset to Professional Dental Studio.

Janice Trombley

Shipping & Receiving, Customer Service

Janice will be the first voice for customer service and satisfaction. With over 5 years of service and previous management training, she is experienced in communications, billing, shipping and receiving, as well as scheduling.